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Joondalup Primary School has a school board made up of the School Principal, parents, community members and staff. The board meets several times throughout the year.

The functions of the school board:

  • Contribute to the establishment of and review the school’s objectives, priorities and general policy directions
  • Endorse financial arrangements necessary to fund those objectives, priorities and directions
  • Evaluating the school’s performance in achieving them
  • To promote the school in the community
  • To take part in formulating codes of conduct for students at the school
  • To determine, in consultation with students, their parents and staff of the school the student dress code

Current Board Members


Acting Principal


My name is Ashley Gunning and I have been a member of the Joondalup Primary School (JPS) Board since 2015. I have been accepted to participate in the school board as a parent representative in previous years and this year will help to support Tammy Hanrahan in her new role as Principal by fulfilling the role of Board Chair.

I have been married to my wife Suzanne Fisher for 20 years and we have had the pleasure of raising three boys who all attend Joondalup Primary School. Both as parents and teachers within the Department of Education’s Public Education System we are both very passionate about ensuring our children and those within our care receive the best possible educational outcomes.

As a parent and educator I hope to use my knowledge and experiences to enhance the smooth running of the School Board in its aim to drive effective school performance and ensuring that priorities of the students are always at the forefront of what we do. This will only be possible with a strong sense of community, continuing on with the positive relationships that have been developed by Russel Hahn and his leadership team, the staff of JPS and the fantastic Parent and Citizens Association here at JPS.

I look forward to continuing in my new role as Board Chair and furthering the great work that has been accomplished to date.


Hi. My name is Liz Omaidi. I am the mother of two children who attend Joondalup Primary School, my daughter is in Year One and my son has just started at the Play and Learn program.

I am an occupational therapist with over 20 years experience. I have worked in a variety of areas including mental health, general paediatrics, disability and early childhood.  The majority of my experience has been working with young children and their families and I find great joy in supporting children and their families to find opportunities for optimum learning, development and fun!

I have experience in managing and recruiting staff, working within budgets, contributing to the development of services and working effectively and collaboratively in various teams including management, with families, other therapists and teachers.

I’m keen to increase my involvement in the school community and feel that I would be able to contribute positively to the board.



Deb Childs is a community member of the Joondalup primary school board. As CEO of HelpingMinds WA. Deb works with Mental Health Carers and Families throughout the state. She is active on many committees and reference groups within the mental health sphere throughout the country. Deb brings with her a wealth of experience at top management level.



My name is Stephanie Denton and my daughter Lola attends Joondalup Primary School (JPS), and has so since kindy.

Lola is in Year 6, which leads me to why I applied to be a member of the Board.  I feel that considering Lola has been at JPS for so long, it is time I gave something back.

I currently work at INPEX (Japanese Oil & Gas Company) as a Forensic Disputes Specialist (it will take far too long to tell you what I actually do….)

So briefly: I review, understand and interpret large ($M/B) contracts between O&G Companies and their Contractors (e.g. Chevron and INPEX, and Samsung, GE), and complete forensic research in order to identify risk to Company and determine liability between parties (who’s right and who’s wrong… very simple terms)

I hope that my skills will help the Board and JPS in a more practical manner, possibly with managing contracts, leases etc. (clause interpretation) problem solving, ideas for generating revenue/reducing costs etc.

I look forward to making a positive contribution to the Board and JPS.



My name is James Turner.  I have been married to my wife Lynn for 17 years, and along with our twin boys, we have lived in or around Joondalup for many years.  Our boys have been students at Joondalup Primary School (JPS) since starting Kindy in 2017.   From our first interactions with JPS, I was immediately impressed by the professionalism, culture and sense of community present at JPS.  When the opportunity to join the board came up, I was honoured to be given the opportunity to contribute.

Professionally I work in IT Service Delivery Management and having also served on a number of club committees, I bring experience across many different organisations and industries.   My current job sees me working within Banking and Finance and hope I can bring my experience and skills to add value to JPS and the School Board.




My name is Stacey Young and I have been accepted onto the School Board this year as a staff representative. I am a Year 2/3 teacher but have been filling the position of Associate Principal since the beginning of Term Two this year.

I have worked as a staff member at Joondalup Primary School since 2003 and have taught across various year grades. Before teaching at Joondalup Primary, I taught in the remote Aboriginal community of Oombulgurri for three years. I hold Senior Teacher status and fulfil the roles of Phase of Learning Team leader for years 2 to 4, Information Technology leader, HASS Leader and I am the Liaison Officer for Joondalup Primary on the Joondalup Learning Network Board.

I have been married to my husband Chris for 12 years and have three children, one of whom attends Joondalup Primary School. The other two children attend a private school in the Northern Suburbs. I’m passionate about ensuring my children and those within my care receive the best possible educational outcomes that ready them for life in our rapidly changing World. I look forward to participating in the School Board.



My name is Shannon Read. I have been teaching with the Western Australian Department of Education for more than 22 years. I began my teaching career in a mining town called  Leinster and then spent a further 14 years living and teaching in the Goldfields. I have had the privilege of teaching at Joondalup Primary School for over 8 years.

My childhood was spent growing up in the suburb of Edgewater and I now live back in the City of Joondalup with my own family. We have two teenage children. Our daughter is 17 and our son is 14. Both attend schools in the Joondalup area. As a family, we enjoy camping and travelling through the Western Australian outback. I relax by walking along the beach and spotting local wildlife. I also love spending time with our eight nieces and nephews.

I have been an Early Childhood educator my entire career and especially like helping our youngest students develop a lifelong love for learning. I have a keen interest in the Joondalup community as I have seen it develop from bush to a thriving city. This year I became a member of the Joondalup Primary School Board and I am looking forward to this new role working with our broader school community.



My name is Carol Perry and for almost two years I have been one of the Associate Principals at JPS. Prior to this, I have taught from years 2 – 6, in the Library and in an EAL/D role.

I grew up in the small wheat belt town of Yealering and following my high school years at Corrigin and Narrogin I came to Perth for Teacher’s College. I have taught in two country schools and four metropolitan schools. I started working at Joondalup Primary School when it was in its third year. I have worked with many students and it has been wonderful to meet the children of some of my ex-students. The Joondalup family is certainly continuing as the next generation of students come through our school.

I am married and have three beautiful adult daughters. I love all kinds of sport and have spent most of my life playing hockey, tennis and netball but in recent years I have resorted to walking and HBF fitness sessions. All three of my girls share my passion for sport and exercise so we spend a lot of time together walking or I am with my husband watching them participate in their chosen fields. My spare time is also spent meeting up with friends and my extended family. Coffee plays a big role in our catch ups and frequenting different cafes all over Perth is a common occurrence.



My name is Michelle Goodridge and I have been at Joondalup Primary School for most of my teaching career. I am very passionate about teaching children in the Early Years and I particularly love the challenge of working with Pre-primary and Year One children. I take the time to get to know the children as individuals and my aim is to ensure they become enthusiastic, self-motivated learners. The children at Joondalup have become my ‘family’ and I enjoy watching them grow and mature over the years.

I spend most of my spare time in the great outdoors both in Australia and around the world. I have always been a very active person and I love swimming, cycling, running, skiing and walking. I compete in triathlons, Open Water swims and various running events. My holidays usually involve watching or participating in events such as cycling in the French Alps, running half marathons in Scotland, skiing in Japan or doing the Jetty Swim in Busselton. I hope to be able continue my love of sport for as long as the body holds up! It is great for one’s physical and mental health.

I am looking forward to joining the School Board and making a contribution to the broader school community.



Skye Mercer is currently teaching Year 5/6 at Joondalup Primary School; she is passionate about inspiring her students to become independent learners who have a love of education. She is always looking for new ideas to implement into the classroom and was fortunate enough to spend 2017 teaching in Canada where she has been inspired by many new and innovative ideas particularly around wellbeing and mindfulness. She also loves any chance to dress-up, so you will always see her in full costume for dress-up days, book week and faction carnivals. Outside of school Skye enjoys spending time with her family, friends and especially her gorgeous dog Harlow. She loves travelling with some of her favourite places being New York, New Orleans, Paris and Halifax. Skye looks forward to adding more destinations to her travel list in the near future.






Originally from Scotland, I moved to Perth in 2007 and it has been home ever since, including getting married and having my daughters here.

As a mother to two young daughters who have both attended Joondalup Primary School since Kindy, I am really pleased to be accepted to participate in the school board as a parent representative. I have been an active member of our fantastic Parent & Citizens Association for a couple of years and currently hold the role of Vice President.

I am passionate about lifelong learning and this is reflected in my career choices with a strong background in adult learning. I am currently the Manager People and Culture at Scitech which enables me to align my professional skills with my passion for developing lifelong learners by sparking a passion for learning in childhood.

I am experienced in management, HR, facilitation, risk, change and project management and hope to use my transferrable skills and knowledge to contribute positively to the school board.





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