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You and your family are now valued members of our great school community

Joondalup Primary School strives to provide opportunities through positive, enjoyable and diverse learning experiences to enable our students to become resilient, respectful, active, life-long learners who contribute to society.

Welcome to Joondalup Primary School. You and your family are now valued members of our great school community.

At Joondalup Primary School we provide a high quality of primary school education to help prepare our students to become successful Australian citizens and community members. The school environment is supportive and friendly with students, staff and parents working together to build high self-esteem and to achieve the best learning environment and outcomes for all children. It is an accepted reality that children from families which are supportive of their school’s programs and guidelines have better attitudes to learning and to school in general.

Attending and participating in school activities is a time of excitement and also an anxious time for some children. We are here to assist your child in whatever way we can, so if you have any questions or issues please contact your child’s teacher and/or myself.

Russell Hahn
Joondalup Primary School

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