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The School Chaplaincy program has been running at Joondalup Primary for over 6 years. Our current School Chaplain, Amanda Wendt, started in Term 3 2018. Here is a little bit about Amanda.

“I am really excited to be coming on board as your new School Chaplain! I have been working as a Chaplain for 9 months now and I am completely loving it. I am a Mum to two beautiful children in Primary School, one in Pre-Primary and one in Year 3. We have lots of fun as a family and I am hoping I can bring some of that fun to the school.”

A Chaplain’s primary role is to care for the social and emotional well-being of students, staff and parents by being a listening ear. Amanda speaks with students individually, spends time in classrooms, runs group programs and works together with the student services team to ensure quality pastoral care is provided to the whole school community.

Amanda comes to us with experience in pastoral care and is able to provide community links for families, often liaising with outside agencies to ensure the best care possible.

Programs and initiatives:

  • Virtues Program
  • Peer Mediation
  • PATCH lunch time program
  • Aussie Optimism
  • Breakfast Club

What your child may like to talk about:

  • Bullying
  • Friendship issues
  • Family/ home life
  • Transition to a new school
  • Anxiety
  • Resilience building

To keep up to date with the latest information regarding Chaplaincy, be sure to read “Chaplain’s Chat” in the newsletter.

Amanda is on our school site twice a week: Monday and Thursday. To get in contact with Amanda or to make an appointment, please phone the school on 9233 5800.



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