Steps to Enrol your Child 

Step 1: Application for Enrolment

All new families are required to complete an application for enrolment.

Please provide the following items with the application:

Step 2: Enrolment at Joondalup Primary School

Your application will be reviewed by the school Principal.

If your application is accepted, you will be advised to complete the formal enrolment process.

For more information regarding the school please refer to the Information Booklet.

For information regarding Contribution and Charges please refer to the Schedule below. 

School Catchment Area

The boundary for this school is as follows:

From the junction of Moore Drive and Joondalup Drive, northeast and north along Joondalup Drive to Burns Beach Road, in a general westerly direction along Burns Beach Road to the proposed extension of the Mitchell Freeway, south along the Mitchell Freeway extension to Moore Drive and east along Moore Drive to Joondalup Drive.

The boundary parts of Joondalup Drive (both sides), Burns Beach Road (both sides), the Mitchell Freeway (east side) and Moore Drive (both sides) are included within the area for Joondalup Primary School. 

School Boundary Map

School Catchment Map

For more information regarding enroling your child at a public school please visit The Department of Education WA