Music at Joondalup Primary School is an inclusive program that engages the pre-primary to year 6 students and is aligned with the Western Australian Music Curriculum. The Music Program incorporates a range of different teaching tools, with the objective to develop an appreciation for music.

The Music Program includes:

  • Singing, playing on instruments and moving to music
  • Listening, analysing and experiencing music from a range of different eras, genres and cultures from around the world
  • Developing an understanding for the elements of music and using this as a tool for creating, composing and developing the student’s musical vocabulary
  • Developing performance skills as well as audience appreciation and etiquette

Singing is a major instrument used in the classroom, as most students can sing and be successful. Joondalup Primary Schools offers an inclusive and open Choir program. The Choir contains upwards of 50 dedicated students from year 3 to 6 who regularly rehearse and perform throughout the year. The Choir is active amongst the Joondalup Community, with some of the notable performances taking place at Myers Joondalup and Candlewood Shopping Centre. The Choir performs regularly during the school year at assemblies, special events such as ANZAC Day and school functions such as Arts Night.

The students are offered a range of different instrumental programs. The Ukulele program incorporates interactive and engaging curriculum that develops the student’s musical capabilities as well as their motor skills. The keyboard program will further develop and broaden their skills and music appreciation.

The Music program promotes the school ethos of being Respectful, Responsible and Safe, as these are attributes that help develop and form good musicianship.