School Board

Joondalup Primary School as an independent Public school has the autonomy to make decisions at a school level through our School Board. The school has a very active and dynamic School Board. The role of the School Board is to provide community participation in the school’s governance.  The Board is responsible for setting the long term future of our school and maintaining oversight of the effective implementation of the school Business Plan.

The new Board members participate in formal School Board training.

Some of the Board’s functions include: 

  • Participating in reviewing the school’s priorities and targets in the Business Plan.
  • Playing an active role in the planning of financial arrangements necessary to fund the school’s priorities and educational directions.
  • Participating in the evaluation of the school’s academic, behaviour and attendance performance.
  • Approving charges, contributions, advertising and sponsorship.
  • Promoting the school in the community.
  • Endorsing the principal Delivery and Performance Agreement.
  • Review satisfaction level of parents, staff and students.

The School Board has 13 members and is represented by 4 teaching staff, the Principal, 5 parent representatives and 3 community members and we meet twice a term.

Opportunities arise for you to join our School Board as a member at our Annual General Meeting and we look forward to welcoming new members. 

2024 School Board Meetings 

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4