Contributions and Charges

This voluntary contribution from parents is vital to allow the children access to extra facilities and learning materials. Please forward your contribution early in the year so additional learning opportunities can be presented.

Kindergarten to Year 6
1 child $ 60.00
2 children $120.00 *($100)
3 children $180.00 *($150)
4 or more children $240.00 *($200)
* Discounted price if paid by end of Term 1.

In addition, the school offers a number of programs which parents are expected to pay for. Information outlining anticipated charges for the school year is given to parents in Term 4. Please note that children’s participation in events for which there is a charge is encouraged but not mandated.

PP – Year 6 Swimming, Incursions and Excursions
Year 5 Leadership activities in Term 4
Year 6 Bridgetown Camp in Term 4
Selected Year 5 / 6 students Are offered tuition in guitar and clarinet through the Instrumental Music School